Ecological Engagement

Our hotel industry wants to be innovative, because today no hotel on the planet takes into account and operates with so many different factors.

First of all, our hotels will be entirely and will operate entirely on renewable energy, that is to say, both for the electrical outlet and for all the heating, water and air equipment as far as the hotel industry is concerned, that is to say, all the machinery, everything will operate on renewable energy. We will use several types of renewable energy. 

We have already selected 4 types of renewable energy.

  • Solar panel that allows you to heat the water directly.
  • Photovoltaic panel that can store energy
  • From the Canadian well, also called heat exchanger (from the basement)
  • From the biomass heating that will be catalyzed, and in addition to being catalyzed, the biomass that will be used will come in part from the plant waste that we will recover from our processing industry of seeds, fruits, shells for our essential oils or vegetable oils.