Covering yourself with warm sand, leaving only your head to stick out :This is sablothérapie.

This practice has multiple virtues on both dermatological and physiological levels. The principle of sablothérapie, also called psammatotherapy or arena therapy, is a little bit the same thing. This alternative medicine consists of wrapping the body entirely in sand heated either by the sun or artificially in thalassotherapy. This practice, which is not very widespread, has many virtues.

Sablothérapie comes to us from North African countries such as Egypt, Algeria or Morocco. Sablothérapie is practiced in the dunes of the Sahara between June and September, where the sand reaches temperatures above 40 degrees.

This practice has won over the past few years the tourists who come to enjoy the benefits of desert sand in a supervised manner. But we, we will offer our customers the immense privilege of lavishing this care within our walls. The benefits of “sand bathing” lie in the great heat it can release without burning, combined with its weight, which leads to an increase in blood pressure. The minerals it contains (magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sulphur and strontium) and its exfoliating effect are also among its assets.

Thus, sand therapy would allow to:

  • Relieving rheumatism, osteoarthritis, low back pain or polyarthritis
  •  Stimulate blood circulation
  • Activate sweating and thus eliminate toxins and fats like a sauna while allowing the body to assimilate the oligo-marines
  • Eliminate dead skin and help fight some skin diseases.

First of all, the sand is purified and sanitiened. It is then artificially heated up to 40-43 degrees and spread over the whole body with a layer of 3 cm. The treatment lasts more than twenty minutes and the sand temperature gradually decreases to 37-38 degrees.

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