Suites in the Form of Yurttes

In order to remain in an ecological and traditional ethic, the choice to create master suites in the shape of a yurt seemed obvious to us, thanks to the clay panel, which is a 100% ecological product based on natural clay.

Born from clay and fire, the terracotta plate is a noble material and a terracotta covering wall will bring heat to the interior and save energy thanks to its inertia. The facing brick is naturally insulating and offers effective protection against heat and fire.

They will be equipped with 2 bedrooms each, Moroccan style in a neat decoration, equipped with a shower and a dressing room. A Berber decoration salon will promote in the center of this magnificent suite.

A Jacuzzi located at the back in the small garden will allow our guests to fully enjoy a family and friendly moment of relaxation.

A garden furniture will be located right in front of the entrance of this master suite, thus promoting visual contact and allowing a possible connection between our guests, and opening up to communication, which is supposed to be rare these days.


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