The Caïdale Reception Tent

Adjacent to the swimming pool, a huge white tent decorated with Tamazight symbols will welcome in a warm setting our clientele, a dining room, or we will be able to serve the meal or establish a conference center, with a breathtaking view of our orchard with a capacity of 24 people, surrounded by its two lounges, this setting will delight our guests.
It can also be used in the reception room, a cocktail party can be organised and guests can enjoy as much the pool lounge, and the garden, a professional sound system is installed. In parallel to this dining room, a lounge area is located directly by the pool, surrounded by sun loungers and canopies.
They will be able to relax and enjoy the swimming pool and the 6-seater jacuzzi, a bar is at their disposal and we will be able to serve detox cocktails, fresh juices and many other drinks.
A first private gym unit located against the bottom of the pool. It is equipped with a bicycle, an elliptical cross trainer, traction straps and a punching bag that will allow our customers to do their sport in peace. After their session, they can relax in the sauna and then get out to enjoy the alternation of hot and cold thanks to our cold water bath whose action tightens the pores of the skin and revitalizes the body.


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