The Moroccan Massage


The gesture of the oldest massage is provided by our care staff, it is energetic and consists mainly of a stretching sequence of limbs to put the joints back in place.

It should be remembered that this traditional massage technique can be dangerous if it is not practiced by an experienced person because it can cause elongation of the joints. The therapeutic Moroccan massage is mainly draining and relaxing, made of kneading and pressure points, and is carried out by following the muscular path. Activated around the navel in a clockwise direction, the ten fingers unite against all kinds of problems, intestinal or not.

Because the disease does not necessarily manifest itself in the place where it is located, (that is, bloating may occur because a nefus is blocked in the back), it is important to treat all vital organs, even those that, a priori, function perfectly.

Note that, the seat of all emotions, the solar plexus, located at the level of the sternum, also deserves special treatment. Indeed, by administering pressure points, the thoracic cavity is opened, which promotes the depth of breathing and thus relaxation.

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