The Restaurant on Stilts

A brigade masterfully orchestrated by our chef, this restaurant will be dietary, innovative and inventive.

Cooking organic is simply cooking in accordance with the seasons using gentle cooking methods. It also means rediscovering sometimes forgotten flavours such as split peas, barley, millet, or discovering subtle flavours by dressing a salad with thyme oil or a panna cotta with soya milk sprayed with tangerine hydrolate.

With a menu of both sweet and savory dishes, articulated around the products of the vegetable garden, the orchard, the farm, the fields and the sea, our catering team will allow you to take care of their health and that of the planet while feasting. The creations of our chef, of exquisite freshness, will enhance the beauty of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish that will fill their plates and drink them of their benefits.

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