The Shower with Affusion


Under a gentle rain of water projected on the skin, our customers will spend a soothing moment of escape.

This SPA treatment helps to fight against stress by providing a feeling of great relaxation. You come out of it with a totally soothed mind as this treatment takes place lying down and in an atmosphere filled with essential oil and soft music.

The hot water jets improve and stimulate blood circulation. In addition, muscle contractions and rheumatism can be treated by combining hydrotherapy with massage. The hydro massage relaxes the muscles and relieves tension.

Hydrotherapy also has a beneficial effect on slimming because it helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, especially when combined with a draining massage.

From a beauty point of view, this treatment has other detoxifying virtues. Indeed, combined with a scrub, it cleanses the skin deeply and releases the body of its toxins. The skin is visibly softer. Followed by a wrap with Argan oil, the care allows to nourish the skin in depth.

Combined with the virtues of manual massage and hydrotherapy, the affusion shower will give you a moment of pure relaxation.

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