Swiss Investments in Moroccan SPAs

Energy self-sufficiency, locally grown organic fruit and vegetables, astronomical observation domes, feng shui inspired spa, these are the ingredients of an original hotel project.

Morocco, and Marrakech in particular, continues to see a double-digit increase in hotel nights. Rather stable, extremely well served by airlines, this country also has a climate that attracts Europeans. No wonder then to see the big names in the hotel business settling there, the latest being the Mandarin-Oriental and Four Seasons. They’re not the only ones. ” Ard Wa Samaa” (which means “earth and sky”) is a boutique-hotel project, imagined and conceptualized by the Genevan Michel Jean Menghetti.

It is aimed at customers looking for fitness in a healthy environment close to nature. From an old agricultural farm located between Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains, there are almost only hundreds of lemon, pomegranate, olive, orange and fig trees left on this plot of more than seven hectares. “Our group’s financial partners have decided to entrust me with the development of our various projects. This is why I have gathered around me a team of men and women with a wide range of skills in the service of innovation for a preserved environment,” observes Michel Jean Menghetti, who has been based near Marrakech for several years.

A long-term investment

The first project in progress is this boutique hotel which, when completed early next year, will include more than forty suites. Fitness will be carried out in several spas, inspired by feng shui, harmonizing the energy of the place. This qualitative research can also be found in the area of energy consumption. The hotel will be able to operate in total energy self-sufficiency thanks to the 3000 m2 of photovoltaic panels. The four catering points will be supplied with organic fruit and vegetables mainly from Ard Wa Samaa’s own crops. Finally, to enjoy an exceptional sky, still spared from light pollution, two astronomical observation domes will be erected on towers, served by telescopes. In addition to the proximity to several famous golf courses, customers will be able to appreciate the stud farm and its twenty or so horses.
Guillaume Cramer, Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Ard Wa Samaa Group, is enthusiastic: “I think this is a very good example of a sustainable investment that shows a long-term commitment. As a partner and investor manager for this project, I have had the opportunity in the past to look at many projects that are as diverse as they are exciting. ” The man belongs to an old family from Geneva who settled in 1624 in what is considered to be one of the main financial centres in the world. ” My grandfather founded the fortune management firm Cramer & Cie, later taken over by my father, before becoming Cramer Bank. I myself worked there before becoming an independent investor in various fields, in particular real estate.
19.08.2018 (source)

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